February 19, 2006

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!


“News Flash”

February 16, 2006

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“As far as free Anti Spy ware programs go”

January 31, 2006

“As far as free Anti Spy ware programs go”.
These are a few of the best free ones I have used my self!

Every body likes Spybot search and destroy!
It’s an all time favorite!

Spybot Home page.
Microsoft anti spy ware is good for finding Trojans and other down loaders.
It doesn’t find cookies, but the other ones do. And it works nice too.
If you enable the active deal bob, it will even let you know what,
or who is trying to install stuff on you’re computer.

Microsoft Anti Spy Down load page.
Another really good one that I use all the time is,
AdAware Personal SE
(Mal Ware) is another kind of nasty that likes to screw up things on you’re machine.
Other wise known as or called Trojans. These like to down load things into temp~
folders; things like installers! The down loaders down load on every boot
and the installers, install on every boot. Thats why you will see the same things show up,
scan after scan, even after you remove them!
Try this one out. Mal Ware destroyer by Em Co.

I guess the bottom line is that you need more than one scanner! Just don’t leave “all “of them
running at the same time!
It’s kinda fun to see what you can catch , after a trip around the Internet.
Have fun and stay safe.

Regarding animated pictures

January 27, 2006

Regarding animated pictures
There are three basic formats that the Internet uses for pictures.
.png – Compresses really good, large file size.
.jpeg – best for detailed pictures, good file size.
.gif – Graphic headings, words and (Animation), small file size.
We use mostly the (j peg) format on every thing, Gives great quality.
Don’t need to worry about (.png).
The (.gif) is our friend! Small file size and good quality. “Did I say Animation”!
Animation capable!
If the file size isn’t to big you can up load them to most blogs.
If you see an animation (or any other picture) you like,
just save it as an image to you’re computer.
Then up load it to you’re gallery on the blog or site.
The biggest problem is trying to upload to big of a picture.
Most places have size limits for up loads.
If you want to use a picture for an Icon, try to get the approximate size close.
They can be shrunk by the blog soft ware but not all the time.

Let me know if any one needs more info.
I can help a little any how.

Bail Out?

January 26, 2006

I just heard something really funny on the morning news.
I was watching the news again…I like to flip through the channels to see how every body looks at the same things differently. And this one almost floored me!

They were talking about Ford. Some reporters thought that the president should think about a bail out.
One commentator even went so far as to say, that when Jimmy Carter bailed out Chrysler it was a success.The last time I looked Chrysler was a German owned company!

I think the CNN reporters just needed a Dem fix or something. If Bush wanted to bail them out it would be wrong! He doesn’t want to bail them out so he is wrong? What did this guy ever do to Them that they hate him so much?
Now, Carter is touted as being a fine, if not great president. “WHAT”!? Don’t you remember the gas lines and the hostages in Iran! How about Jimmy’s brother Billy? (the Billy Bear company.) Public urination and fun stuff like that. (“The Bail out Worked”!) (So did the ones we gave the Airlines!) How a bout the Katrina money? Did that get the job done! Lets blame the people who actually have something to do with it! Maybe they are even in a position to do something besides point the finger at the President; who ever the President may be at the time.
Presidents change, ludicrousness doe’s not!

Thanks for reading this. If you did.
Stop by message board to promote you’re Blogs and or Web sites! It’s free and every one is welcome.

I Thought I would share a little information about my self.

January 25, 2006

My name is Bill (A.K.A SrWilliam).
I’m a 38 year old male from the Great Lakes area in the States.
I like computers, Web design and Blogging!
Photo shop and art stuff are my favorite things to do off line, if I’m not fishing.
Thats a bout it for now. All I can remember rite now. Will add some here and there. (Bill)

Test Virus. for testing.:)

January 23, 2006

Copy this into a note pad or something like it.
Then name it.(EICAR.COM)When done, you will have a 68 or 70 byte file.
You’re anti virus should report it as (EICAR Test-­NOT virus!!).
Here is the code to paste in a note pad.