free Anti Spy ware programs

November 21, 2006

“As far as free Anti Spy ware programs go”

These are a few of the best free ones I have used my self! Every body likes Spybot search and destroy! It’s an all time favorite! Spybot Home page. Another really good one that I use all the time is, AdAware Personal SE Microsoft anti spy ware is good for finding Trojans and other down loaders. It doesn’t find cookies, but the other ones do. And it works nice too. If you enable the active deal bob, it will even let you know what, or who is trying to install stuff on you’re computer. Microsoft Anti Spy Down load page. (Mal Ware) is another kind of nasty that likes to screw up things on you’re machine. Other wise known as or called Trojans. These like to down load things into temp~ folders; things like installers! The down loaders down load on every boot and the installers, install on every boot. Thats why you will see the same things show up, scan after scan, even after you remove them! Try this one out. Mal Ware destroyer by Em Co. I guess the bottom line is that you need more than one scanner! Just don’t leave all of them running at the same time! It’s kinda fun to see what you can catch , after a trip around the Internet. Have fun and stay safe.


Featured Site

November 5, 2006

“Welcome to “

“Featured Site – the Geek Site”

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My goal here is to have a good time while trying to
acomplish something productive. I have gathered together a bunch of
Free Software and other services, like hosting and blogging. I have
used every piece of software that I list and I have tried many of the
services too. I list them on my Geek Site.

Below is an example of a story at the Geek Site. In
Internet Explorer you will have to allow content to see all the Geek
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