This is the forward to Atlantis. It’s
just an early series of thoughts that I am expanding on for my book.

What follows is fiction. Or, is it?

Isn’t it funny how the human body starts
to break down after a while? That was the current thought on my mind.
I had just seen a program on the history channel about a study on
human cells. In a pee tree dish the cells could stay alive
indefinitely, as long as they were kept flushed with clean water to
remove the waste and toxins that the cells had generated. I thought
that that was fascinating. If they only knew.

It is a frustrating thing, trying to tell
someone something when they won’t listen. They wont even consider
that it might be the truth. This is the story of Atlantis. It begins
with the generational memory’s of our race. The memories that are
still being carried by the few of us who have survived from the

It began when a mammoth meteorite made up
of about 90% salt entered the solar system. A freak collision with a
comet set it off course about two hundred and fifty million years
before. Approximately the size and shape of the state of Texas it was
approaching the end of it’s journey. Larger fragments missed the
planet, what hit us was just a piece of the massive meteorite that
impacted the agricultural planet of Mars and then wiped out the
heavily forested moon.

Originally the planet was covered in fresh
water. It was every where, only the highest peaks were exposed. A few
thousand square miles of dry lushly forested land is all there was.
That’s why Atlantis didn’t sink, it rose. When the piece of massive
meteorite hit, it caused a fault line to rumble to life with the
impact. The initial collision evaporated 25% of the earths surface
water, the salt content of the meteorite was absorbed into the
remaining fresh water. The newly opened faults were spewing magma
straight from the earths mantel into the newly made salt water seas.
The impact didn’t knock the earth of axis, the iron rich magma
shifting it’s magnetic properties did. Some of the vaporized fresh
water fell as rain and created lakes and rivers on the newly exposed
high grounds. On the axis’s sides that were coolest the rain and
standing waters froze, these became the poler regions of the planet.

During the initial impact millions died
instantly, millions more died slow and painful deaths over
generations. It was truly a dark age for the survivors of the great
civilization. The animals that were already adapted to dry land and
that had survived the impact flourished. The seas were not so lucky.
Atlantis was the capitol of several hundred large city states that
were destroyed when the impact occurred. The new mineral that was
deposited by the meteor, crystallized on every thing. It plugged up
critical filtering systems and other machinery. It seemed to break
down metals and dry out what ever it touched. A slow death ensued for
the surviving residents of the once great city states. There heroic
attempts to save them selves can be seen in the ancient pyramid
structures. They are still found today in parts of Mexico, Egypt and
to an extent Africa proper. These are, or were, huge desalinization
plants. These attempts only prolonged their fate. The key to their
survival was not to change the planet first. That would take millions
of years to do. They needed a short term solution, a tactic that
would expand, that would extend millions of years into the future in
a self perpetuating way. The body had to be modified. The new mineral
called salt would have to be assimilated. The first draw back to this
is longevity. The sodium reduces the body’s life span to about 100
years, give or take a little. A few machines were used to flush the
body of salts while the individual slept, but this was very
uncomfortable to say the least. Over generations fewer and fewer
people used the filtering systems on a regular basis, over time the
average life span fell. It fell at such a slow rate that it was not
alarming to them. Finally it settled in at around where it is today.

Another major draw back was that when the
body was saturated with sodium, it interfered with the neuron
receptors that were needed for telepathic communication and
telekinesis. Things had to be built and manufactured more and more
using mechanical energy and machines.

The key would be to hold out until the
planet could be returned to a state closely resembling what it was
like millions of years ago. The problem was that most of the
population had forgotten.

There are a few of us that have been using
the filtration technology on a regular basis. We have come to be in
positions of power and great wealth due to our longevity and ability
to accumulate fortunes over long periods of time. Our people are as
divided as any civilization is. Some times the power is used for good
and sometimes it is used for evil. Some factions are called by names
such as the Illuminati, Nights Templer and the Free Masons. The names
change over the century’s but the leaders stay the same. Even with
the extreme differences between the factions, all the clans work in
their own way to bring the planet of Atlantis back, back to the way
it was.

In the following pages I will narrate
the history of the human race as it truly was and will be again. Now
begins the story of Atlantis and hope for the future.

By the way, if you haven’t figured out
where Atlantis is yet, your standing on it and global warming is a
good thing.

political parties could not decide on anything. They would oppose any
idea that was not their own, no matter how desperately needed one
was. The best Alchemists could not come up with a way to dissipate
the new mineral. It seemed to cause change in most anything that it
came into contact with. Including the human body, The need to flush
the bodily fluids became apparent when perfectly healthy people
stated to become deathly ill and die. Even the young ones were
affected. This was extremely disturbing because they were starting to
die of old age. This normally did not happen for millions of years,
now it was taking place in mere thousands. A solution was imperative,
yet the political parties fought on.

The factions became increasingly paranoid.
Secret words and symbols started to be used by each faction unique
upon it’s self, violent tactics ensued. Over hundreds of thousands of
years the political parties became isolated clans. There goals now
were to try and recoup strength after an eons long fight. The top
siders had no idea what was going on. They were the new generation of
the once pure. Life spans short by comparison. They were mainly
interested in day to day living. There have always been some of us
among you, manipulating and shaping you to fit our needs.

That brings us to this point.

Chapter #1

Floating gently in my desalinization
chamber, I was contemplating the assignment I had recently been
handed. The council had requested that I assume the responsibility
for the impending forward action on top side. The northern axis
quadrant was to be under my command. Recruits were needed. The
implementation of stage 9 was an all important reality that could not
be avoided. The “recruitment” would begin, or as some top
siders called it, “abductions”. I would need 10 recruits.
These would be compounded to the company unit size of ten thousand.
This being accomplished through a series of procedures at an
industrial cloning facility in the medical arts compound. The
compound is located in the “Knowledge Dome”, where all
technologies are tested and enhanced. When forming an army it is
important to diversify the recruits. This is necessary to prevent
hacking (a top sider term). Only one tenth of the company would be
affected by a successful mind attack, easily subdued by the remaining
nine tenths. The new troops are then shuffled together like a deck of
cards, then randomly divided into tenths and redistributed to the
company commanders. I am one of ten thousand company level commanders
in the Clan of Clans. The group represents the four major factions of
planet Atlantis. We are bound in an alliance to put aside our
differences when the planet is in danger. Any way, we need troops
now. I will fill you in later, make your self comfortable, I’ll be
rite back.

The process of picking recruits is not a
difficult one, all you need to remember is to avoid the week minded
ones in leader ship positions, (they are for the most part already
being used as pawns by the clans any way).

After desalinization I was again capable
of my full mental abilities. These “mind powers” would
only last for approximately seventy two hours, gradually dwindling to
those of a top sider over time. Exposure to the corrupt top side
environment saturated the neuron receptors with toxins that attracted
the mineral salt. The sodium build up would dampen and distort the
brains critical electrical field and immediately begin to break down
the cellular structure of the body, “aging” would begin.

Generating an orb takes an incredible
amount of mental energy, it usually cuts the travelers energy in half
and severely limits the time one can spend top side or beyond. But it
is a very effective way to transport.


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