– the gate opens here

June 11, 2006 – the gate opens here

This is my CMS for domain.
You can see the whole domain from here, “Via (rss) in the side bars. Look for the down load pages in the side bar.”.
I will post my more geeky stuff here, on this more geeky type site.

Geek 101


Mmm..m..good… Firefox extensions…

June 5, 2006

What are Firefox extensions? Mmm..m….?
Firefox extensions are little programs that extend the usefulnes of Firefox, that put’s it as simple as a person can get it, I think?
Any way, you can find one of these extensions for just about any need you have. I like the blogging tools! You can find spell check, HTML editors, good web developer stuff! Just check out the Firefox extensions page,
they have more extensions than you can believe! You can also get plug
ins, like flash and shock wave players. If you don’t have Firefox
yet, give it a try. You will fall in love with it! You can get it here, on my blog in the side bar to the rite. Just click the Firefox button. BlogGate blogs” and domain recommend Firefox! And so doe’s the 101blog and the geek site and…and….!

This is a good sign

June 4, 2006

Talk about a good sign!
 A friend from Canada sent me this picture.

The sign on the store says “The Beer store”

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