You gotta read these!

You gotta read these!

You gotta read these! My friend “Jacknife Johnny” Had a conversation with a spam robot.
The robot had posted on a blog about willie Wonka and the chocolate factory….It was hilarious! See original post.
The exchange went something like this…Robot Spammer:

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Bubzee Bibs
are made with thick cotton terry and accommodate a variety of neck sizes making these baby b…
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Comment from: Jacknife Johnny [Member]
Actually the Bibs
were made of hemp which made them strong and durable, The oompas would
not only wear them but they would smoke them to, and that would make
the oompas very hungry and they started eating all of the chocolate at
the factory, Well that cut into all the profit and the share holders
were not very happy, so now the bibs are made of cotton, and the oompas
are drug tested regularly.

Thanks for stopping by Bibs.

I still can’t stop laughing!…)
Thanks for the laugh John


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