Blogging software or blogger beware.

Blogging software or blogger beware?
I have noticed a lot of ads for “blogging software
. They claim that they can create blogs faster than they can be taken down and get your links on 1000’s of sites. Stop rite there! Thats not blog software! “Thats splog software”! A splog is a spam blog. You must have ran into them? They are every where, like in the comments on your own blog, the ones that make no sense what so ever. You click on one of the links, just to see who wrote all that gibberish. Those links usually take you to a Viagra site or something like that. Yep those are the ones. If you want to be like them, get some blogging software and get black listed.

This is just an excerpt of an article I am working on.
Just some food for thought.


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