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April 23, 2006
These are all parts of thegate101.com The Main Forum

“Welcome”! This is the Multi blog part of thegate101.com.(“BlogGate Blogs“) It is made up of multiple blogs / people. Hence the name, multi blog. (LOL)

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BlogGate at thegate101.com

April 22, 2006

Good morning Blog Land!

I have been busy.
I’m trying to put together a domain. It’s kinda fun!

First I installed a Forum. I call it, thegate101.com, Then I installed a Multi Blog, I call it BlogGate. I have othersites that I’m working on too. Ever
since I got a computer, I have wanted to have my own place on the web.
Not only to have one, but I wanted to learn how to build one. “So I
did”. Static web pages are the easiest, (some times) and probably the
the most fun to build. The Dynamic sites are the most interactive and fun to use. So I have integrated both types into my domain. I really do like the BlogGate blog though. It’s kinda fun, talking to people and stuff.
I’m into this web thing just for fun. So have fun at thegate101.com.

FireFox and good extentions!

April 14, 2006

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!

You can get Fire Fox with google tool bar here”!
The button is in the top rite corner.”
Or with out the tool bar, by clicking on the above banner.

After you get Fire Fox installed, Go here ( “Firefox extentions“) and get the cool smiley extension!
Just a note: Fellow Spread “FireFox” Members and Friend’s; I send people here from message boards and blogs that I can’t post a button or banner to. So I like to keep a banner around for convenience.

Thanks for being out there”. (SW)

It makes you think

April 11, 2006


the Maze

April 11, 2006

the VentHole Archery Forum
This is a great place to talk about Archery and Bow Hunting! Real
people talking! (“about shooting tips and tricks”!) Stuff
like that. I’m just getting it going. My goal is to have a good
group going by Fall! So stop on by and give it a try, it’s pretty
easy to get used to. Leave a question and I will do my best to answer

the VentHole Archery Forum

the Forum

Welcome! This is a Multi blog.(“BlogGate Blogs“) It is made up of multiple people. Hence the name, multi blog. (LOL)

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Blog Gate

April 5, 2006
Blog Gate

Welcome! This is a Multi blog. It is made up of multiple people. Hence the name, multi blog. (LOL)

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thegate101.com – Forum

April 1, 2006

thegate101.com – Forum

“A Place to promote you’re blogs”