Day One

Day One

A cold wet wind blew steadily across the dank smelling field. The sky was full of foreboding dark clouds that held the promise of another uncomfortable night outside; “again” thought the young boy who sat with his knees pulled up to his chin underneath a spruce tree. The south side of the battle field was sheltered from the wind and rains the best. So that is where the boy waited. Waited for what you ask? “Why a battle of course”, It was an old battle field any how, that the boy was waiting by. It made perfect sense to him, battles happen on battlefields and this was a battlefield. He figured if he waited long enough he would see a battle. Not bad thinking for an eight year old.

Anthony awoke cold and wet to the bone, a strange ringing was in his ears, “what was that sound”, the boy wondered? “YES” he shouted as he jumped to his feet; hitting his head on a low branch in the process. Running to the field he caught a glimpse of two figures in the center of it, they were circling each other with swords drawn. The sound in his ears must have been steel on steal. But it was only two fighting. “That’s better than nothing”, Anthony thought as he sprinted to the edge of the battlefield to find a good place to watch.


3 Responses to Day One

  1. Nice story waiting for next part .

  2. Thanks dude for visitng my site . But do inform me when you write the next part .

  3. SrWilliam says:

    Still working on it………

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