“Hunting for a story”

“Hunting for a story”

“Yep”, “They”, are hunting for a story. But I don’t think they have found one.

That’s why they have invented one. Who you ask is “They”?
They are the main stream Press. Who are the main stream Press?
You ask but another question that you already know the answer to.
The main stream Press can be any news organization that you don’t agree with.
Did any one hear about the new Iraq tapes proving weapons’ of mass destruction existed.
They also prove Sadam was moving them out of the country in converted commercial air liners.
Did any one here that one?
Or, how a bout the new chairman of the Fed? Is he thinking about raising interest rates?
That would affect everyone with a credit card or an adjustable rate mortgage.
Did you here how things are going with the Fed?

My definition of the main stream Press is any place that I didn’t see these stories.


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