Regarding animated pictures

Regarding animated pictures
There are three basic formats that the Internet uses for pictures.
.png – Compresses really good, large file size.
.jpeg – best for detailed pictures, good file size.
.gif – Graphic headings, words and (Animation), small file size.
We use mostly the (j peg) format on every thing, Gives great quality.
Don’t need to worry about (.png).
The (.gif) is our friend! Small file size and good quality. “Did I say Animation”!
Animation capable!
If the file size isn’t to big you can up load them to most blogs.
If you see an animation (or any other picture) you like,
just save it as an image to you’re computer.
Then up load it to you’re gallery on the blog or site.
The biggest problem is trying to upload to big of a picture.
Most places have size limits for up loads.
If you want to use a picture for an Icon, try to get the approximate size close.
They can be shrunk by the blog soft ware but not all the time.

Let me know if any one needs more info.
I can help a little any how.


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