Bail Out?

I just heard something really funny on the morning news.
I was watching the news again…I like to flip through the channels to see how every body looks at the same things differently. And this one almost floored me!

They were talking about Ford. Some reporters thought that the president should think about a bail out.
One commentator even went so far as to say, that when Jimmy Carter bailed out Chrysler it was a success.The last time I looked Chrysler was a German owned company!

I think the CNN reporters just needed a Dem fix or something. If Bush wanted to bail them out it would be wrong! He doesn’t want to bail them out so he is wrong? What did this guy ever do to Them that they hate him so much?
Now, Carter is touted as being a fine, if not great president. “WHAT”!? Don’t you remember the gas lines and the hostages in Iran! How about Jimmy’s brother Billy? (the Billy Bear company.) Public urination and fun stuff like that. (“The Bail out Worked”!) (So did the ones we gave the Airlines!) How a bout the Katrina money? Did that get the job done! Lets blame the people who actually have something to do with it! Maybe they are even in a position to do something besides point the finger at the President; who ever the President may be at the time.
Presidents change, ludicrousness doe’s not!

Thanks for reading this. If you did.
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